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Hello and welcome! I am Kahlila, owner of Look of Luxe Salon, and founder of Look of Luxe Hair & Scalp Elixir.  As a Master Cosmetologist, I have serviced many clients who have had issues with thinning hair, dry itchy scalp, slow hair growth, and breakage. After coming across so many women, and men, with hair and scalp issues, I decided to create what my customers consider a "blessing in a bottle."  Look of Luxe is an organic lightweight oil, formulated to help moisturize, nourish, and balance the scalp, while promoting hair growth and preventing itching and flaking.  

My mission is to help women feel confident and beautiful wearing their real hair.  Whether your hair is natural, relaxed, or under a weave, wig or braids, with regular use, Look of Luxe improves your hair's manageability, increases growth, and makes maintaining your hair at home, in between salon visits, a breeze. 


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